Day 55: Salta

So ive got a cold and it sucks, and its cold and it sucks. But i have a mission…to sort out the packet i ordered from the usa. I went to the PO with my notes in spanish and talked with a helpful teller in english and sorted what needed to be done. I then contacted the org i had ordered product from and they hadnt shipped becasue i hadnt replied to the email, which i couldnt access coz i got locked out of my yahoo accounts…bahaha.

So yahoo only have one security qu, who is your oldest cousin? I have no idea. I would have typd in any old rubbish when i set it up years ago and now i cant get in. and good luck trying to find a ph number or email address to someone that can actually speak english as a first language… what a joke!

So anyway, here i am at 7 Duendes Hostel in Salta chilling with nic peeps drom Israel and Norway and Canada and Usa etc…




Day 54: Cafayate

Time to leave this lovely town and head back to salta and on to Bolivia.

Day 53: Cafayate

Having recovered from my boozing and having met some peeps the night before, i went on an excursion, with the peeps, to Las Cascades. We took taxis out to the valley, found a guide, and spent th next 5 hours hiking and rock climbing our way up a gorgeous valley. Being the dry season the river was low but the cascades were lovely and the scenery stunning. It turned out to be quite a good workout and we were all feeling the pinch came the end. Unfortunately we didnt get to walk back through puma territory because we had to pick up a team member that was a bit slack. I was happy enough though to learn that the puma population was alive and well in the mountains!

Day 52: Cafayate

So the boys camped out in the national park and returned to town high from the experience. I bought some wine and proceeded to get drunk with the dude on reception at the hostel. We also noshed copius amounts of coca leaves and a few doobies for good measure.

As all was quiet at the hostel we headed off to another hostel to listen to live music. Somehow i ended up playing guitar and singing and i have no idea what or how i managed to play, but i do have a vague memory of screaming to hit th high notes lol. The locals enjoyed it anyway. I must say, the Argentinians are a very social bunch and are welcoming and supportive. I have rally enjoyed the social time spent with them drinking red wine and speaking in Spanish, which funnily enough is easier after a few.

Needless to say i awoke with a beauty of a hangover and had a very slow morning. At around 3pm the boys arrived back after an awesome time camping out. We shared stories and a few glasses of sweet dessert wine before heading out for lunch. They then caught the bus to BA and i crashed out. They were really very funny travelling companions and they made my trip! Cheers you guys!! 😃


Day 51: Cafayate

Today Daniel, Jeremy and I went on an excursion to the Quebrada de las Conchas and it was amazing. The rock formations were stunning and we had a great time climbing up everything we could and running around in an attempt to see as much as possible. It was the highlight of my trip so far. I took heaps of photos but they really dont do the place justice.


If i were to go back i would camp out and explore for a week at least. A motorbike would be the ultimate way to explore the mountainous regions of Argentina and Chile.

Day 50: Cafayate

We woke at 0900 feeling hungover and tired, but we got our shit together and managed to make it to the bus terminal with 5 mins to spare. I sleep the first 2 hrs of the trip and woke as we entered the beautiful mountain pass that leads to Cafayate. I was gobsmacked at the splendor and snapped away like crazy, albeit through the dirty bus windows.

The Cafayate township is nice and tidy with plenty of restaurants and wineshops (being a wine producing area). I booked into my hostel and the boys set off to find a camping spot. Then I got myself a bottle of red and enjoyed that as i looked for the supermarket and bank… which were closed and out of money, respectively lol.

I happened across a little food shop and went in to find some grub. There wasnt much to chose from and initially it was a little awkward as i tried to get food because my brain refused to use Spanish. After a few minutes it started functioning and i ended up staying in the shop for an hour, sipping on my wine, munching down some good grub and having a funny converstation with the young woman in the kitchen.

I headed back to the plaza to finish my wine and who should i meet but the boys. They were on their way to the bus station because they had been having a difficult and unhappy time. I laughed and laughed at their state and gave them some wine. Soon they were feeling better and i talked them into staying at the hostel and getting on the booze with me. We also booked a tour to Quebrada de las Conchas for the next day. We also did some gift shopping and went to a nice family restaurant for a late dinner, accompanied by an Argentinian man staying in the same dorm as us.

I finished the day off with a massive midnight icecream cone 😃


Day 49: Salta

I woke early after a good sleep intending to catch a bus to Cafayate but there was no accom available (should have booked the night before). So then i decided it would be an opportune time to go to the post office to make preparations for the arrival of my package. Once at the post office i discovered that today is… Saturday. Have not have!

So, then i went about my normal tourist duties of visiting cathedrals and museums etc.